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Catherine Anderson

Posted by in , on 6-19-12

Catherine Anderson

Catherine Anderson trained as a SoulCollage® facilitator with Seena Frost in June, 2004 and offers SoulCollage® workshops to enable you to learn how to access your inner wisdom.  Catherine has been facilitating SoulCollage® groups in the Charlotte area since 2004 and never fails to be amazed at the discoveries that participants have when they allow themselves to follow their intuition and let the images speak to them.  SoulCollage® is an easy, non-threatening process which allows you to access your inner wisdom and create art at the same time.  Catherine loves creating a sacred space around the class and does this by incorporating poetry and music into the workshops.  She believes that in this fast paced world the practice of SoulCollage® is a perfect way to slow down and spend time getting to know yourself. SoulCollage® can also be a form of visual meditation.

Catherine also offers photography, labyrinths, expressive art, and ubuntu.

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